Which daily skin care products contain cosmetic nicotinyl?

Nicotinamide is a kind of both can external use, also can be taken orally, but before use, should check which is suitable for use, internal and nicotinamide suggests that adults don’t more than 20 mg per person per day, the taking of excessive niacinamide does not improve the effect of use, it will could not be fully absorbed, a burden to the human body, also affect the normal function.

Topical nicotinamide is our common, such as body lotion, cream, cream, sunscreen, and other products, can add use nicotinamide, nicotinamide in this kind of product to add generally for cosmetic grade nicotinamide, use the form of powder, tablet, etc., but I don’t advocate on their own level is added in the skincare cosmetics niacinamide, is this why? This is because we are unable to control the use of good cosmetic grade nicotinamide dose, concentration, etc., so simple to add is not good for our use of cosmetic grade niacinamide, appear even the opposite effect, if you want to use cosmetics level of nicotinamide protect skin to taste, we will suggest through formal channels to purchase products containing grade cosmetics nicotinamide.

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