What are the functional applications of caffeic acid?

Caffeic acid, molecular formula C9H8O4, molecular weight 180.15, its source is different, caffeic acid obtained from concentrated aqueous solution is yellow crystal, while caffeic acid obtained from dilute aqueous solution is monohydrate. Caffeic acid is an organic acid that can dissolve in hot water and cold ethanol, but it is not so ideal to dissolve in cold water. As a component with a variety of biological activities and relatively simple chemical structure, caffeic acid has a wide application prospect in medical and cosmetic fields.

Caffeic acid in the field of medical treatment, drug use, and can be used as hemostatic, white blood cell can increase white cells and platelets, improving the function of blood coagulation factor, solidification shrinkage capillaries, often used in surgery, can be used to prevent bleeding, bleeding, as to the cause of leukopenia, thrombocytopenia symptoms can also be therapeutic.

Caffeic acid used in cosmetics, mainly can play the role of antibacterial, antiviral activity, uv absorption, the safety of the use of caffeic acid in cosmetics is relatively high, the use effect is also very good.

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