What are the functions of tyramine?

What is tyramine? If you’re not in the industry, you probably don’t know about tyramine. So, let’s take a brief look at tyramine. Tyramine is an organic compound, and we often call it 4-hydroxyphenylethylene amine. Or through chemical synthesis and other methods. Tyramine is a white or white-like crystalline powder. It is slightly soluble in water, benzene, and xylene, and can be dissolved in ethanol. Its molecular formula is C8H11NO, molecular weight is 137.18, CAS number 51-67-2, and EINECS number 200-115-8.

So, what are the uses of tyramine? It is known that it can promote the release of catecholamine, but can not penetrate the blood-brain barrier, only can produce non-psychoactive peripheral sympathetic effects, tyramine is mainly used in the medical field. If food is rich in tyramine and monoamine oxidase inhibitors, it may cause acute hypertension. Therefore, we should control the intake of other substances when using tyramine, to avoid adverse consequences due to improper intake.

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