How about the price of caffeic acid?

Do you want to understand caffeic acid? What kind of chemical product is it? Let’s make a brief introduction to it. The chemical name of caffeic acid is 3-(3, 4-dihydroxy phenyl) -acrylic acid. It exists as a plant growth regulator in thistle, Eucommia ulmoides, capillary, and other plants. In the medical field, caffeic acid is mainly used for hemostasis, hemostasis, antibacterial, antibacterial, improving the coagulation factor in the functional body, and shrinking and strengthening the microvessels. It is the main component of caffeic acid tablets commonly used in surgery. It should be used under the guidance of doctors and should not be used arbitrarily, especially for lactating women, pregnant women, children, and the elderly.

What are the benefits of caffeic acid for patients undergoing chemotherapy? The clinical application found that caffeic acid can effectively reduce the incidence of myelosuppression, indicating that it can effectively prevent and alleviate myelosuppression during chemotherapy, and promote the recovery of white blood cells to normal levels, which also provides a strong guarantee for the safety and systemic treatment.

Seen from the current market, the price of caffeic acid is not high, but it can improve the effect of chemotherapy. For patients, it is a cost-effective adjuvant drug, which is of great help to alleviate the disease.

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