What about the price of nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide is a very common ingredient in skin care products. Nicotinamide is cheap compared to the lady ingredient, but nicotinamide is also practical, not gimmicky.

In both cosmetics and skin care products, the main function and role of nicotinamide are mainly the whiten and brighten the skin tone, this is because nicotinamide may well against the melanin precipitation process, and prevent melanin in the skin surface accumulation, but also can accelerate the aging cutin layer falls off, therefore, when we use the cosmetics containing nicotinamide found skin brightness has improved, In addition, if you insist on using nicotinamide cosmetics, you can further achieve the effect of nourishing the skin, so that the skin becomes bright, white and moist.

Said that I also want to remind you that in general, the amount of nicotinamide is no side effects, use of too much or too high density of nicotinamide may cause tingling, acne, skin allergies, peeling and other discomfort, if it is red peeling, generally only skin intolerance, stop using state after some time will restore good, We can continue to use nicotinamide after establishing tolerance to the skin, while other conditions, such as acne and allergy, need to go to the hospital immediately, use nicotinamide under the guidance of a professional doctor or permanently stop using nicotinamide.

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