Where is the totipotency of cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is a versatile skin care ingredient, after the verification of time and the market, its whitening effect is also known function, cosmetic grade nicotinamide also has anti-aging, narrow version of pores, moisturizing, yellow and other effects.

At present, in the market, such as Vaseline, Dabao, Olay, L ‘Oreal, Vicz, as well as Helena, Lancome and other brands, in part of their products have added cosmetic grade nicotinamide, cosmetic grade nicotinamide as a multi-functional, low-component ingredient, cost-effective is really excellent. In most skin care products with different functions, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can be added, and the safety of this ingredient is relatively high. Although some consumers have intolerance, it is still very friendly for most people. If intolerance occurs, don’t worry, stop using it first. After the skin is restored, the cosmetic grade nicotinamide product can be diluted and then applied in a small area. If there is no abnormality, the whole face can be used, and gradually restore to the concentration of the product.

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