Why should you try nicotinamide?

The concentration of nicotinamide used in skin care products has an important impact on product safety. Although dry, oily and mixed skin can use nicotinamide, a small number of people may be intolerant to nicotinamide. Most people are safe to use skin care products containing nicotinamide for a long period of time and the recommended daily dosage should not exceed 3 grams. Studies have shown that if the concentration of nicotinamide in cosmetics is more than 4%, it may cause intolerance in 20% of people. In particular, skin sensitive people and patients with dermatitis should be cautious with skin care products containing high concentrations of nicotinamide.

Why some people use the skin care products containing nicotinamide can appear skin dry, redness, itching and other allergic symptoms? This is mainly due to niacin, niacin is a byproduct contained in nicotinamide, this substance has a certain irritation, intolerant people in the use of products containing nicotinamide may have allergies, especially sensitive skin. In order to avoid allergies, consumers are advised to try a small amount of cosmetics containing nicotinamide on the inside of the wrist or behind the ear before using them. If there is no redness or tingling, then use them on the face.

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