Why is tyramine sealed?

Tyramine is a compound, widely exists in animals, plants, an amino acid was more common in our food, through tyrosine also can form tyramine, its appearance with a white or white crystalline powder, can be in water, slightly soluble in benzene, xylene, can dissolve in ethanol, has certain stimulating, can stimulate an eye, skin and respiratory system, Tyramine is flammable, therefore, you should take appropriate safety precautions when using tyramine, such as wearing goggles, wearing appropriate gloves, etc.

At present, tyramine is mainly used in the medical field, which can contract the uterus, peripheral nerves and increase blood pressure. When tyramine is stored, it can be sealed with argon and stored away from light to effectively avoid the transformation of tyramine into tetragamine due to long-term exposure to air. In this way, the effect of tyramine will be reduced.

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