Why use 2%~5% niacinamide?

Although nicotinamide is a safe, good stability, with difficult problems, but there are still some matters needing attention are you need to know, especially the first use of nicotinamide and sensitive skin people, usually over 2% is good for moisturizing and repairing the skin barrier, if you want to play a whitening effect, more than 3% of nicotinamide effect will be better, in addition, Nicotinamide levels above 5% are generally considered to be skin irritants, so 5% is a mild and safe upper limit for most people.

1. It is recommended to do a good tolerance test when using nicotinamide products for the first time

Nicotinamide has certain irritant, if the first use of a large dose of nicotinamide, easy to cause facial irritation, is not conducive to skin health, therefore, it is recommended to use a small amount of nicotinamide for the first time, to increase the dose after tolerance.

2. Use nicotinamide with caution for sensitive skin

Nicotinamide can play a peeling effect on the cutin, sensitive skin itself is fragile and sensitive, the cuticle layer is thin, therefore, sensitive skin should be careful to use nicotinamide skin care products, so as not to stimulate the skin, aggravate the sensitivity of the skin.

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