Which skin types can use nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide is one of the most popular whitening ingredients in recent years. It is easy to find nicotinamide on the skin care packaging for women and men, especially in some whitening products.

Nicotinamide is suitable for dry skin, oily skin, and mixed skin, but not for sensitive muscles. Try nicotinamide skin care products before using them, and then decide whether to use them.

Nicotinamide texture is very moist, can be added in moisturizer, cream, essence, mask, toner water, can also be diluted directly on the face, long-term appropriate use can play a whitening effect.

When using nicotinamide, first clean the face with cleanser, then apply toner and moisturizer, then use the diluted nicotinamide, by first moisturizing the skin, then use nicotinamide, can avoid the damage of nicotinamide to the skin, so that the use of the best effect.

The use of nicotinamide not only has a whitening effect, others still have anti-wrinkle, light spot, improve the effect of facial dullness, and so on.

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