What skincare effect can use nicotinamide achieve?

Nicotinamide is a functional active ingredient. It can not only inhibit the production and deposition of melanin but also reduce the transfer of melanin to the surface cells. After years of use, niacinyl whitening effect is significant, so it is highly respected in the whitening field.

The use of skin care products containing nicotinamide can effectively reduce facial wrinkles, and have a certain dilution effect on skin erythema, pigmentation, sun spots, and so on. For those who stay up for a long time, irregular work and rest, and often go outdoors in the sun, if the skin care is not reasonable, it is easy to appear aging, at this time choose to use nicotinamide skin care products can play a certain role in improving.

Nicotinamide improves skin barrier function and can lock in water and moisturize skin. Meanwhile, niacinamide skin care products can also reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in the skin and control the secretion of oil. Therefore, niacinamide is a very suitable ingredient for oily skin. The reduction of oil secretion can also narrow the pores of the skin and help to improve the skin condition.

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