Can we use nicotinamide during the day?

Nicotinamide, as a skin care component, has whitening, anti-aging, repair, oil control, and other effects, among which, the whitening effect of nicotinamide is to suppress the formation of melanin, control the rate of melanin to the epidermis to fundamentally play the purpose of whitening.

Although nicotinamide has whitening and antioxidant effects, it does not play a sunscreen role. Therefore, after applying nicotinamide during the day, it is still necessary to use sunscreen products to avoid UV damage to the skin.

The function of melanin is to absorb ultraviolet rays, reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to DNA, remove free radicals, and protect the skin. The use of nicotinamide skin care products, can reduce the amount of melanin transmitted to the skin surface, if not good sunscreen at this time, then, the skin will lack a protective umbrella, and activate tyrosinase, but will produce more melanin, nicotinamide skin care products can play a role is not obvious.

Ultraviolet light is the main cause of skin aging and skin darkening, and the ground will also reflect ultraviolet light, therefore, daily sunscreen is a necessary measure, can use sunshades, sunscreen, and other sunscreen products, together with nicotinamide skin care products to better whiten the skin.

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