Why can’t we use nicotinamide every day?

Nicotinamide is an ingredient that has many benefits in skin care, so can nicotinamide be used for a long time?

Yes, but daily use is generally not recommended because of nicotinamide intolerance, although it also depends on the individual and the addition of nicotinamide to the product. Many well-known products contain nicotinamide, which we can use under the guidance of a professional according to our skin condition.

When the concentration of nicotinamide is below 2%, the absorption rate increases linearly with the amount added, and when the concentration exceeds 2%, the absorption rate will not increase linearly. Although the concentration of nicotinamide added is high, the effect is better, but at the same time, the irritation is also greatly increased, and many people’s skin can not stand it at all, especially sensitive skin.

We usually choose nicotinamide products, must from the low concentration of stay after the construction of the skin tolerability, again to choose high concentrations of nicotinamide product gradually, another reduced nicotinamide excitant small doohickey is before using high concentrations of nicotinamide, apply a thin layer of cream, first and then apply nicotinamide product, so that we can first moist skin, adjust skin to an ideal state, Reduce the speed of nicotinamide penetration of the skin, reduce irritation, can also achieve the purpose of whitening.

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