Why use nicotinamide for skin care?

There is another name for nicotinamide: vitamin B3, then its whitening principle is simply that it can produce a coenzyme, NAD or NADP through the biochemical reactions inside the skin, and these two coenzymes are necessary to oxidize and restore in the skin. A kind of coenzyme, that is, nicotinamide can help skin cells to complete oxidation and restoration, achieving a series of skincare effects.

Nicotinamide can prevent collagen degradation in the dermis (due to ultraviolet radiation), which plays a role in anti-aging.

Nicotinamide has anti-inflammatory and ease the severity of acne.

Nicotinamide can improve the skin barrier function and increase the thickness of the epidermal layer.

Nicotinamide makes the skin smooth, the pores are reduced, dark spots and erythema, uniform skin tone, and increases skin elasticity.

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