Can use nicotinamide normally produce allergy?

Nicotinamide is a precursor of an important cofactor in human metabolism. As a cell communication factor, it can interfere with abnormal pigmentation, accelerate skin metabolism, and play an intrinsic role in renewal. The main role of nicotinamide is to prevent skin problems such as dullness, yellowing, and spots in the aging process, and to repair the damaged cuticle. Therefore, it is widely used in skincare.

Is the higher the nicotinamide, the better? This is not the case, the general recommendation is to keep the product concentration below 2%. Exceeding this concentration will increase the burden on the body and cause strong irritation, especially for topical products, which may lead to skin redness, irritation, and other allergic phenomena. It is generally recommended that friends who use this product for the first time use a small amount of it. There may be some slight skin reactions, and then the dosage can be appropriately reduced. After the body is fully adapted to the concentration, the concentration of the product can be slowly and appropriately increased. For consumers who buy nicotinamide for the first time, it is recommended to buy a low concentration first, so that the skin can adapt to it, and then choose a higher concentration of nicotinamide products.

In the case of long-term normal use, nicotinamide harm to the body is 0, but nicotinamide is not suitable for excessive use and is not suitable for minors to use, it is recommended that breastfeeding pregnant women and female friends also need to stop using.

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