Why not use nicotinamide with acidic products in skin care?

Despite its powerful effects, nicotinamide is often criticized for its irritating properties. Many skin experiences allergic reactions such as redness, swelling, itching, and tingling when using high-concentration nicotinamide products, especially in dry, cold climates. How avoid the irritation of nicotinamide is very important for the control of impurities in nicotinamide raw materials and the formulation design.

Nicotinamide products are allergic to the main reason is niacin in nicotinamide, when the pH value is 6, nicotinamide is very stable, but when the pH value is higher than or below 6, nicotinamide will occur hydrolysis and form niacin, with irritation, therefore, we will recommend that you should not use nicotinamide products with other acidic products. What will happen if they are used together? Nicotinamide and acid skin care products used together will make the pH value of the skin will change, thus releasing a large number of niacin, skin stimulation, especially remind, skin brushing acid beauty people, can use nicotinamide oh!

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