How to use nicotinamide solution?

There are many nicotinamide skin care products, such as nicotinamide original solution, nicotinamide essence, and nicotinamide cream, usually, when used, nicotinamide original solution or nicotinamide essence is used between toner and lotion, nicotinamide cream is used after essence or lotion.

Different skin care products have different orders of use. Nicotinamide has a very good whitening effect, how to use nicotinamide, and which steps use nicotinamide, has become a lot of people’s concern.

Nicotinamide is an amide compound of niacin that can be converted into nicotinamide in the body. Nicotinamide is involved in human metabolism, improving nutrition, and preventing pellagra.

As an ingredient in skin care products, nicotinamide can prevent the transfer of melanin to the cuticle, accelerate the metabolism and shedding of melanin, whiten and fade spots, prevent the occurrence of glycosylation, avoid skin dullness, promote the production of collagen, and delay skin aging.

The main skincare function of nicotinamide cream is repair, oil control, and moisturizing. After the cream is used in the lotion, the skin will absorb better. It can be used with toner, lotion, and essence.

The composition of nicotinamide is single, almost only nicotinamide. The method and order of use are the same as the essence, and the original solution can also be added to the emulsion, cream, or mask for use.

The role of nicotinamide cream is mainly repair, oil control, moisturizing, and cream in the essence or lotion after use, to seal the skin to avoid water loss.

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