What are the good ways to use nicotinamide to protect skin?

Dark yellow, lack of luster skin is the most people’s skin problems, in order to improve these skin problems, we often consciously choose products with whitening effect when choosing skin care products, for example, nicotinamide ingredients can whiten the skin. There are many ways to use nicotinamide, and there are some differences in the use effect of different methods. Generally speaking, everyone will choose the method with the best effect.

We can clean the skin and apply toner. During this period, we must apply more to make the cells more full, so as to promote the skin to have better absorption of nicotinamide skin care products. Place the amide in the palm of your hand to warm it up quickly, then gently rub and press the product all over your face with both hands. In the process of pressing the skin, remember not to exert too much force, and then pat the whole face to promote the absorption and utilization of nicotinamide skin care products, at this time, nicotinamide can work well on skin cells.

We can also clean the skin, nicotinamide skin care products on the spots or more severe spots of the skin, and then gently circular motion, promote the skin to absorb nicotinamide skin care products.

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