What method can reduce use nicotinamide occurrence allergy probability?

The use of nicotinamide in skincare products may cause intolerance, mainly manifested as dry skin, itching, peeling, tingling, flushing, acne and other symptoms, which are the manifestations of irritant dermatitis. If you have these intolerance when using nicotinamide skincare products, it is recommended that you stop using them. So how do you reduce the likelihood of intolerance? We learned that there are two methods, the SCT method and the progressive method.

SCT method: It is recommended that you use nicotinamide skincare products for less than 5 minutes each time in the evening, and then wash with warm water before using other skincare products. The first time to use nicotinamide skincare products can be 30 seconds, and then gradually increase the stay on the skin every day, but still need to control within 5 minutes.

Progressive method: You can use dilution or emulsion base to reduce the concentration of nicotinamide in skincare products, so that the skin slowly adapt to gradually increase the concentration, before use, you can test the reaction of the skin to the skincare products behind the ear.

Because nicotinamide is used in skin care products, it mainly plays a role in moisturizing, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, whitening and other effects on the skin, so you should first test your skin’s adaptability to nicotinamide skincare products to avoid greater skin irritation.

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