How to control the use of niacinamide safety?

There are a lot of consumers who want to buy cosmetics and may worry about the use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide will appear skin peeling, itching, redness, and other allergic symptoms, this symptom we usually call allergy phenomenon is the intolerance to cosmetic grade niacinamide, such a phenomenon may be related to the purity of the product, processing technology, and product formula and other factors.

What if we become intolerant after using skincare products that contain cosmetic grade niacinamide? The use of cosmetic grade niacinamide skin care products the probability of intolerance is not high, most people will not appear such a situation, this is because the use of cosmetic grade niacinamide has a safety standard, the use of concentration of 2%~5%, this is a relatively safe use, therefore, for the vast majority of people to be able to use normally, But only a small percentage of people will be affected. For the skin intolerance symptoms of a small number of consumers, there are two recommended methods to try to reduce the concentration of cosmetic grade niacinamide. For example, skin care products containing cosmetic grade niacinamide can be used together with the emulsion to reduce its concentration, so that the skin is slowly adapted to gradually reduce the mixing amount of emulsion until the normal use of cosmetic grade niacinamide skin care products, in addition, We can also shorten the use time of cosmetic grade niacinamide skin care products on the skin, after the skin ADAPTS, the use time can be gradually increased and extended to normal use.

Knowing the above method, you will also worry about cosmetic grade niacinamide product intolerance.

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