How to determine whether you are suitable for the use of nicotinamide skin care?

The addition of nicotinamide in skin care products meets the pursuit of whitening by many people who love beauty. In the niacinamide whitening experiment, it is not difficult to find that the use of creams containing niacinamide can effectively reduce the number and area of color spots on the skin, and the dilution of color spots can be observed by the naked eye. In addition, nicotinamide can also promote the protein synthesis of the epidermis, but also can improve the water content of the skin and the skin’s defense ability, so it can be seen that nicotinamide can not only achieve the effect of whitening but also has the effect of anti-aging.

Nicotinamide can effectively interfere with the transformation rate of melanocytes into keratinocytes, thus reducing the production of melanin. Nicotinamide can reduce the production of melanin, and can also effectively inhibit the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to glial cells by 35% to 40%, thus reducing the deposition of melanin.

Therefore, nicotinamide acts as a whitening agent by reducing melanin production and inhibiting melanin deposition. Although skin care products containing nicotinamide are very common, not everyone is suitable for them, it is recommended to try them before purchase, and observe whether there is discomfort.

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