What symptom should be stopped immediately when using niacinamide skin care?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is in skincare products, cosmetics can play the role of whitening, moisturizing, diluting, and anti-aging ingredients, in the skin care industry, is a very popular ingredient, and application is very common, in toners, essence, lotion, cream, body milk, and other products to add the use, although the effect is more, the cost is low, is also favored by enterprises and consumers.

When using cosmetic grade niacinamide skincare products, we need to pay attention to several points, avoid using a different brand of skin care products, so as not to reduce the efficacy of cosmetic grade niacinamide, and we use cosmetic grade niacinamide, we need to avoid mixing with salicylic acid, and acid skin care products together, so as not to increase the irritation to the skin.

Because cosmetic grade niacinamide contains small amounts of niacin. Although it is suitable for almost all skin types, there will still be a very small number of people the use intolerance symptoms, such as stinging, peeling, redness, and other symptoms, if intolerant, please immediately stop using cosmetic grade niacinamide products, so as to avoid further damage to the skin.

Cosmetic grade niacinamide has a variety of functions, the selection of cosmetic grade niacinamide should pay attention to the main role in the product.

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