How to avoid using nicotinamide allergy?

Many whitening skin care products contain nicotinamide. If you have consumption, you will have such doubts. Use whitening skin care products containing nicotinamide during the day. Its whitening effect will be greatly reduced. In fact, although nicotinamide is likely to be sensitized, the nicotinamide itself is not affected by ultraviolet rays, so if you are tangled whether you can use nicotinamide during the day, you don’t have to tangle, use it boldly. However, it is recommended to use it up to once a day. After you unload your makeup at night, you can dilute the appropriate amount of nicotinamide after moisturizing.

Among the many consumers who use nicotinamide skin care products, a small number of people may be intolerable to nicotinamide. Therefore, if you want to use skin care products containing nicotinamide, then give smoke before use to use the smoke first. Tolerance of amide. How to build it? Start with low concentrations of nicotinamide, and gradually increase to the required concentration. During use, peeling, redness, and tingling appear, indicating that the skin is intolerable to nicotinamide. In the early stage of nicotinamide, it is recommended to use a concentration of less than 3%, and use local skin trials. If there is no tolerance, it will be used normally.

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