What are the main reasons for using nicotinamide allergy?

In recent years, the whitening ingredient “nicotinamide” is very popular. It not only brightens and whitens the skin, but also moisturizes and controls oil, repairs the skin barrier, and fights oxidation. With all its benefits, is nicotinamide the perfect ingredient of legend? Of course not.

Nicotinamide versatility, different grades of raw material choice is more, lead to some low purity nicotinamide raw material may contain a certain amount of niacin, niacin impurities have certain stimulation to the skin, can cause skin vasodilation, make the skin to become red, cause sensitive skin allergy symptoms, as a result, many people call this phenomenon “nicotinamide intolerance”. In fact, this statement is wrong because it is quite different from “alcohol builds tolerance.” “Tolerance” refers to the continuous use can achieve the purpose of apply, for “nicotinamide” ingredients, not long-term continuous use can be tolerated, not allergic, so the phenomenon of expression should be more appropriate “nicotinamide allergy”, such as redness, itching and even peeling allergic reaction, should immediately stop using it. It is recommended to try a simple skin test before using nicotinamide. Apply an appropriate amount of nicotinamide to the back of the ear or inside the wrist and observe the use. It can be used normally if there is no abnormality.

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