What are the benefits of using nicotinamide and retinol together?

As we said earlier, when the skin barrier is compromised, it increases water loss through the skin epidermis, and the skin’s ability to retain moisture is reduced. Studies have shown that topical nicotinamide can help reduce water loss through the epidermis, thereby improving skin barrier function.

The skin treated with nicotinamide has obvious resistance to skin irritation caused by skin barrier-destroying agent retinol and SLS surfactant, which indicates that nicotinamide can reduce skin injury caused by irritating components.

Some say nicotinamide and vitamin A alcohol can enhance the effect, not enhance efficacy, but the repair effect of nicotinamide, can reduce the retinol stimulation to the skin, therefore, if this is the first time we use retinol, intolerance, and worry about skin can use with niacinamide collocation, will be safer. Of course, this is not recommended if you are intolerant to nicotinamide, but it can be replaced with some mild restorative cream to enhance moisture.

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