What preparations should be made before using nicotinamide skin care?

Clean your face before using nicotinamide, and then take nicotinamide for external use. During the use of nicotinamide, we need to observe their own situation, if there are symptoms of discomfort, we should immediately stop using nicotinamide.

Why do I need a line to clean my face before using nicotinamide? A clean face is to reduce the bacteria on the face or fungus residue, at the same time reduces the oily secretions in the hair follicle, does a good job of basic cleaning, to carry out the following skin care link. After cleaning the face, the nicotinamide, lotion, and essence together after conditioning, evenly spread on the face, and appropriate use of fingers for massage, in the process of massage, can accelerate the skin metabolism, improve skin absorption, play a promoting role, more conducive to the play of efficacy.

Nicotinamide can whiten and moisturize the skin by speeding up skin metabolism, reducing pigmentation on the skin, and making the skin smoother and more hydrated. However, each person’s constitution and skin quality are different, and some people may have allergic reactions due to personal physical reasons during use, resulting in skin redness, swelling, or itching, as well as pimples or peeling. If allergic symptoms occur, first stop using skin care products, and timely anti-allergic treatment is necessary.

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