How high is the application value of cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

Why is cosmetic grade nicotinamide widely used in skin care products?

We see all kinds of skin care brands in the market, there are many products added with cosmetic grade nicotinamide, it can be seen how popular it is in the skin care industry!

We first analyze the function of cosmetic grade nicotinamide. It has the functions of whitening, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, shrinking pores, increasing skin luster and so on. To see its efficacy, it can almost contract all our common skin problems.

Then from the perspective of the safety of cosmetics level niacinamide, cosmetic grade nicotinamide is one of the B vitamins, belonging to water-soluble vitamins, stable performance, the cosmetic grade nicotinamide as skincare raw material used in the preparation of skin care products, is allowed, but the country level for cosmetics nicotinamide dosage is related requirements, reasonable to add cosmetics level nicotinamide are safe, So, some people ask using cosmetic grade nicotinamide allergy, isn’t it unsafe? Allergy this is considered from many aspects, the skin itself belongs to allergic muscle, or can not adapt to the concentration of cosmetic grade nicotinamide, from a variety of skin care raw materials, the safety of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is very good.

In addition, the price of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is also easy to be accepted, due to the long application time of cosmetic grade nicotinamide, mature process, easy access to raw materials, therefore, the price is not high.

From many aspects of cosmetic grade nicotinamide, cosmetic grade nicotinamide is not only cost-effective, but also good use effect.

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