What is the versatility of niacinamide?

Industrial production of nicotinamide according to the different uses can be divided into pharmaceutical grade, cosmetic grade, food grade, and feed grade, among which, pharmaceutical grade niacinamide standards also meet the requirements of cosmetic use. In the beauty and skincare industry, cosmetic grade niacinamide is added to cosmetics and skin care products to help people improve their skin problems.

Cosmetic grade niacinamide in cosmetics has a more common role is whitening and lighting, is also one of most of us understand cosmetic grade niacinamide’s role, cosmetic grade niacinamide can prevent melanin precipitate into keratinocytes, promote the metabolism of melanocytes and skin epidermal protein synthesis, achieve the ideal effect of whitening and lighting, in addition, it can also play other roles, Including light spot, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, shrinking pores, etc., has a variety of application mechanisms.

The wide application of cosmetic grade niacinamide improves the use effect of skin care products, which has been recognized by consumers. For manufacturers, it is a very cost-effective skincare ingredient.

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