Ultra-pure hydroxytyrosol offered by Viablife

China-based ingredients supplier Viablife is making available its commercial scale >99% purity hydroxytyrosol, created using biosynthesis and fermentation technology

Hydroxytyrosol is a phytochemical belonging to the family of polyphenols and is the main antioxidant in olive oil. Reflecting this, the European Union and US have approved application of hydroxytyrosol in food, cosmetics and nutritional supplements.

Hydroxytyrosol is highly bioavailable and boasts a high antioxidant capacity: two times greater than resveratrol and 20 times that of vitamin C. Due to this activity, it helps prevent UV radiation damage to skin cells, significantly reducing the breakdown of DNA strands caused by UVB radiation thanks to its inhibition of the proliferation of reactive species caused by radiation.

Hydroxytyrosol additionally offers potent antimicrobial properties against different types of bacteria.

Further benefits are claimed to include the prevention of neuro-degeneration diseases; protection against age-related macular degeneration; prevention of cardiovascular diseases; and anti-inflammatory properties.

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