How is vitamin D converted to 25-hydroxy calcifediol?

25-hydroxy calcifediol is not only a form of vitamin D3 in our bodies, it is also the main form of vitamin D in our bodies. 25-hydroxy calcifediol is a hydroxyl group added to the 25 carbon atoms of vitamin D3, which is a series of biochemical reactions performed in our bodies.

25-hydroxy calcifediol to maintain our health, growth and physiological function of normal play played an important role, it can be transformed by the vitamin D in our body, namely the vitamin D in our liver through hydroxylation role into 25-hydroxy calcifediol, 25 – hydroxy vitamin D3 into the kidney after converted to 1, 25 – dihydroxy vitamin D. 25-hydroxy calcifediol is a bioactive substance, widely used in medicine, health care products and other fields.

Compared to vitamin D3, 25-hydroxy calcifediol is more easily circulated in the blood and is more easily absorbed. Therefore, 25-hydroxy calcifediol can help maintain vitamin D requirements, improve bone health, and help improve the survival rate and reduce the morbidity of chickens in the breeding process.

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