How water-soluble is L-2-aminobutyric acid?

L-2-aminobutyric acid is an amino acid, molecular formula is C4H9NO2, molecular weight 103.1198, Cas1492-24-6, EINECS216-033-3, its appearance is white crystal or crystalline powder, at 20℃, 100mL water can dissolve 22.7g ofL-2-aminobutyric acid.

L-2-aminobutyric acid is mainly used as an important chemical raw material and pharmaceutical intermediate in chemical industry, medicine, health care products and other industries, it can mainly inhibit the transmission of nerve information in our body, L-2-aminobutyric acid can be used as a pharmaceutical intermediate of a variety of chiral drugs and an important chiral intermediate of synthetic drugs. L-2-aminobutyric acid can be used to synthesize levetiracetam, antiepileptic drug, and the chiral precursor of ethambutol hydrochloride, antituberculous drug.

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