What diseases can hydroxytyrosol help us treat?

Hydroxytyrosol is generally used in medical treatment as follows:

1, hydroxytyosol can promote fat metabolism, effectively reduce the weight gain of obese patients;

2, reduce the blood triglyceride, ghrelin, free fatty acid content;

3, inhibit the occurrence of fatty liver;

4, inhibit the accumulation of triglyceride and cholesterol in the liver, protect the liver function.

According to the above the effect of hydroxy tyrosol, visible, hydroxy butyl alcohol in the prevention and treatment of obesity, protect the liver and cardiovascular and so on has the vital significance, in fact, the hydroxyl butyl alcohol as a natural substance has strong antioxidant activity, in the medical application is not limited to the above points, it’s on the skin, prevent cancer, cancer treatment, etc, also has outstanding advantages.

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