What does tyramine do?

Tyramine, can call of hydroxy phenylethylamine again, this is a kind of appearance for white or white crystal powder of organic compounds, naturally in spices, tobacco, cheese, meat, fish, legumes, yeast, tyramine in water, slightly soluble in benzene, xylene, dissolve in ethanol, its molecular formula C8H11NO, molecular weight of 137.18, CAS number 51-67-2, EINECS number 200-115-8.

Tyramine is mainly used in pharmaceutical field, it would help catecholamine release, but the material can not through the blood brain barrier, therefore, can only produce the mental activity of peripheral sympathetic nerve function, when using tyramine, need to pay attention to, if the intake of foods rich in tyramine and monoamine oxidase inhibitors, may lead to high blood pressure emergency, so, when we use the tyramine, It is necessary to control the intake of substances so as to avoid adverse effects caused by the intake of unsuitable substances.

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