What effect does cosmetic grade nicotinamide have on improving skin?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is a small molecule substance, mainly used in the field of cosmetics, can play a role in reducing melanin precipitation, whitening skin, therefore, many consumers in the purchase of cosmetics, will also pay attention to whether nicotinamide ingredients in the finished product table.

We found in the cosmetic grade nicotinamide whitening experiment, the addition of cosmetic grade nicotinamide cream, can effectively reduce the area and number of brown spots on the skin, and through naked eye observation can distinguish the color of the spot color has been lightened, the visible effect is quite obvious.

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide compounds also promote protein synthesis in the epidermis, helping to improve the skin’s water content and self defense ability.

Thus, cosmetic grade nicotinamide plays a great role in cosmetics and is of great help to improve skin, which is probably why more and more consumers are not unfamiliar with this ingredient!

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