What is the relationship between cosmetic grade nicotinamide and cyclic 3,5 nucleotide phosphodiesterase?

Cyclic 3,5 nucleotide phosphodiesterase is a kind of enzyme with what effect? It does a great job! The cyclic 3, 5-nucleotide phosphodiesterase stimulates the breakdown of the melanocyte hormone cyclic adenylate into adenine-5-monophosphate, which reduces melanin production. So what is the relationship between cosmetic grade nicotinamide and cyclic 3, 5-nucleotide phosphodiesterase? Originally, cosmetic grade nicotinamide is a kind of substance that can activate the cyclic 3,5 nucleotide phosphodiesterase, so it can be seen that cosmetic grade nicotinamide plays a role in inhibiting melanin production by stimulating the cyclic 3,5 nucleotide phosphodiesterase.

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide belongs to small molecule substance, can be absorbed directly, restore cell energy, so as to maintain the skin energy balance, but also accelerate the synthesis of collagen, reduce the deposition of melanin due to the thin cuticle or low oil content. At present, the application of cosmetics-grade nicotinamide in lotion, essence, toner and other products is very common. With the improvement and upgrading of technology and formula, the possible intolerance of consumers to cosmetics-grade nicotinamide has also been solved to meet the needs of more consumers for skin improvement.

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