What would be a more effective alternative to antibiotics for common skin problems?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is a special ingredient in the field of cosmetics, mainly can play the role of whitening, moisturizing, freckling, anti-aging and other effects. Because cosmetic grade nicotinamide can effectively inhibit melanin transfer from melanocytes to protein cells, thereby reducing the melanin produced, but also can increase the luster of the skin, improve the whitening effect.

In our daily life, may have facial acne, acne and other common skin problems, in the past, many people will choose antibiotics to solve, but many years of practical application and clinical trials have found that if the long-term use of antibiotics can cause a resistance body, this is not good for our healthy, therefore, only when you have to comply with the use of antibiotics, Common skin problems can be solved by using safer methods instead of antibiotics. I think cosmetic grade nicotinamide must be a good choice of objects, it can block the effect of inflammatory mediators on cells, inhibit endothelial cell proliferation, so as to alleviate skin inflammation, it can solve the problem of acne, acne.

Skin aging as we age is a natural phenomenon, but other factors such as radiation, pollution and allergens may also accelerate skin aging. For oxidation-induced neuronal autophagy damage, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can play a certain protective role, but also can inhibit the oxidative stress response of cells, therefore, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can play an anti-aging role.

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