Which foods contain tyramine?

Tyramine is an organic compound which can also be called gun machine phenylethylamine. It is white or white like crystalline powder, slightly soluble in water, benzene, xylene, soluble in ethanol. The molecular formula of tyramine is C8H11NO, the molecular weight is 137.18, CAS No. 51-67-2, EINECS No. 200-115-8. Tyramine can be found naturally in spices, tobacco, cheese, meat, fish, beans, yeast, and it can also be obtained through chemical synthesis.

Tyramine is mainly used in medicine to promote the release of catecholamine, but this substance cannot penetrate the blood-brain barrier and can only produce non-psychoactive peripheral sympathetic effects. Intake of foods rich in tyramine and monoamine oxidase inhibitors may lead to a hypertensive emergency. Therefore, when we use tyramine, we need to control the intake of substances to avoid the adverse effects caused by the intake of inappropriate substances.

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