Which skin care products use cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide exists in many varieties and brands of skin care products, some skin care products one or two Cosmetics level nicotinamide is mainly found in skin care products in the beautiful white effect, in addition to the skin sensitive or allergic to cosmetics level nicotinamide phenomenon of people, in general, most people are able to adapt to the composition, whether you are dry skin, mixed skin, or oily skin, whitening effect can, in fact, The function of cosmetic grade nicotinamide can not only whiten oh, it can also moisturize, control oil, shrink pores, repair and other effects, therefore, cosmetic grade nicotinamide in a variety of skin care products can be added to use.

Cosmetic grade niacinamide which both can be directly used as an ingredient also can add in skin care products, common skin care products are essence, cream, mask, toner, lotion, lotion, etc., cosmetic grade the quality of a material of nicotinamide is water embellish, can be directly after we to clean face daub, recommend the use of cosmetics can use starting from low concentration level of nicotinamide, After no abnormality, the concentration can be gradually increased until the normal concentration of the product, but also can shorten the time that cosmetic grade nicotinamide stays on our face to gradually let our skin adapt to it.

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