How is the whitening effect of niacinamide?

Cosmetic-grade nicotinamide is a small molecule that can be directly absorbed by cells. It plays a key role in maintaining skin energy balance, restoring cell energy, and accelerating collagen synthesis.

Cosmetic-grade niacinamide can reduce the appearance of melanosis caused by skin oil production and thin cuticle layer, it can not only inhibit the production of melanin but also act on the melanin that has been produced, effectively inhibiting about 35%~40% of melanocytes to keratinocyte transfer, thus reducing the melanin that has been produced.

Most skin care products containing cosmetic grade niacinamide, especially skin care products with whitening effect, can indeed brighten skin tone and fade color spots after a period of use, which is mainly due to the role of whitening ingredients such as cosmetic grade niacinamide.

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