What is the whitening mechanism of cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide, also known as vitamin B3 in the B group of vitamins, is a substance that can play a whitening role, usually used in the cosmetics industry, nicotinamide dedicated to the cosmetics industry, we can also call it cosmetic grade nicotinamide.

Why can cosmetic grade nicotinamide play a whitening role? This is because nicotinamide can activate cyclic 3, 5-nucleotide phosphodiesterase, and cyclic 3, 5-nucleotide phosphodiesterase is the substance that can decompose the 3, 5-cyclic adenylate in melanocyte hormone and obtain adenine-5-monophosphate, thus reducing the production of melanin and playing a whitening role.

But, also want to remind consumers, cosmetics level nicotinamide as a material with whitening ingredients, not everyone is suitable for skin, we have cosmetics level in using nicotinamide cosmetics, suggested simple do a skin test first, if there is no exception, can be used directly, if the skin redness, itching, tingling, the phenomenon such as peeling, Need to stop using immediately, if the later still want to use the cosmetics, you can use a short time to apply or reduce the concentration of nicotinamide cosmetics to slowly adapt, and then extend the use time or improve the concentration. I hope this advice will be helpful for you to use cosmetic grade nicotinamide cosmetics.

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