Will the wholesale price of nicotinamide be affected by the concentration?

Nicotinamide is said to be a skincare expert, not only in many functions but also in relatively cheap, mature technology, therefore, many brands that produce skin care products will choose nicotinamide, such as body milk, face cream, cleansing cream, essence, mask, etc.

We use nicotinamide to help reduce or relieve inflammation, and either topical nicotinamide or internal nicotinamide supplements can significantly reduce acne and relieve redness from eczema and other inflammatory skin diseases without causing serious adverse effects.

The use of nicotinamide can also promote the metabolism of skin cells, reduce the excessive precipitation of melanin, and brighten the complexion. It is understood that the concentration of nicotinamide used in skin care products is 2%~5%, 2% concentration can relieve some skin inflammation, and 5%, nicotinamide can fade spots, and wrinkles, when the concentration is less than 2%, it can not achieve the ideal skin care effect.

In recent years, the stock solution is very popular in the skin care industry, nicotinamide stock solution is also concerned. After cleansing the face and using toner, use nicotinamide stock solution, usually only 1 to 2 drops, which can be used on the whole face, through massage absorption before applying lotion.

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