Why can hydroxytyrosol play a role in eliminating free radicals?

Hydroxytyrosol, also known as 3, 4-dihydroxyphenyl ethanol, is a compound with a variety of activities, its molecular formula C8H10O3, molecule 154.1632, CAS Number 10597-60-1, EINECS Number 600-704-3, common hydroxytyrosol is white powder, insoluble in petroleum ether, ether, chloroform. Soluble in methanol, DMSO and other solvents.

Hydroxytyrosol as the new favorite skin care industry, it has what function?

Hydroxy butyl alcohol to fight free radicals, we in the process of contact with the outside world, the human body each organization will continue to produce free radicals, is a kind of free radicals can damage our cellular structure, trigger apoptosis, excessive amounts of hydroxyl tyrosol even will accelerate our skin aging, dull, even can increase the risk of disease. Hydroxytyrosol through its excellent antioxidant and free radical scavenging ability, to achieve the effect of anti-free radicals. Our skin is easily exposed to UV rays, and hydroxytyrosol helps reduce uv damage by absorbing and breaking down uv rays.

Hydroxy butyl alcohol to repair the skin also has strong effect, we free radicals in the body in the competition for cell or gene protein molecular electronics, will the physiology function of the cell is destroyed, it will add mutations, cancer and aging skin problems, but the hydroxyl butyl alcohol inhibits cell DNA oxidative damage, reduce the oxidative DNA damage, Restores normal physiological function of glutathione and neutralizes with free radicals, thus stabilizing the activity of free radicals and reducing their aggression.

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