Why do so many skin care products add cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

In the market, we are not difficult to find, no matter the size of the brand, like to add cosmetic grade nicotinamide, that is why?

From the point of view of function, the function of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, narrowing pores, increasing skin luster and so on. It seems that it can help us solve our daily skin problems, and it is very versatile.

From a security point of view, cosmetics level nicotinamide belongs to the B vitamins, and water soluble substances, has a good stability, skin care products manufacturing enterprises in cosmetic grade nicotinamide to add in front of the product, will adjusted formula, and need to strictly abide by the national demand for cosmetics raw material dose, therefore, consumers in the safety of scruples can dispel, However, due to individual physical differences, there may be intolerance to cosmetic-grade nicotinamide, which is also a normal phenomenon and can be alleviated.

From the price point of view, the application cost of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is lower than that of other ingredients with the same effect. Although the price is low, the concentration of each product in the application may be different, as well as other ingredients. Therefore, there will still be a price difference between various cosmetic grade nicotinamide cosmetics.

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