Why is cosmetic grade nicotinamide so popular?

Nicotinamide is a kind of can be obtained by the transformation of nicotinic acid composition, belong to niacin amide compounds, clinically, nicotinamide is used in the treatment of some diseases, such as glossitis, stomatitis, pellagra, atrioventricular block, sick sinus syndrome, etc., on its application in the field of skin care, we will know more, In the field of skin care is mainly used in the cosmetic grade nicotinamide, in the beauty and skin care industry is very popular.

Many people know more about the whitening effect of cosmetic grade nicotinamide. It can not only inhibit the production of melanin, but also reduce the melanin that has been produced. It can be said that the function is very powerful, and the effect is also obvious.

At this point, cosmetic grade nicotinamide in addition to whitening function, but also anti-aging, yellow, oil control, narrow pores. In our daily diet, hard to avoid can absorb sugar, this is also a kind of can let a person is cheerful, but excessive intake of sugar will lose collagen in our skin elasticity, and even make the skin brown, for beautiful to love we what is sad thing, but cosmetics level nicotinamide this kind of material is very magical, He can promote the synthesis of epidermal layer protein, still can enhance the defense ability of skin itself at the same time, improve skin moisture content, thus have the effect of anti-aging, yellow.

For the facial skin to secrete too much oil, and even for people with large pores, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can control oil secretion, balance the water and oil balance of the skin, and can effectively solve this problem.

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