CAS No: 10597-60-1

Molecular Formula : C8H10O3

Molecular Weight :154.17

Hydroxytyrosol is a phytochemical belonging to the family of polyphenols and with the highest concentration of in olive and therefore it is the main antioxidant in olive.

Western countries have a long history of olive oil application in daily life as well as intensive study on it. In regards of this fact, European Union and USA have approved application of Hydroxytyrosol in Food/ Cosmetic/Nutritional Supplements etc.

The Panel concludes that the novel food, hydroxytyrosol, is safe under the proposed uses and use levels.

——European Commission database for cosmetic substances and ingredients

CoSing, Regulation (EC) No 258/97

Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.

——European Commission database for cosmetic substances and ingredients

CoSing, Regulation 432/2012


Hydroxytyrosol is a highly bioavailable phytochemical with a high antioxidant capacity, responsible for most of the benefits of olive polyphenols in health.

Protection of UV radiation

Hydroxytyrosol prevents the damage that UV radiation causes in melanoma cells when exposed to harmful UV radiation. This is because this molecule reduces significantly the breakdown of DNA strands caused by UVB radiation as inhibits the proliferation of reactive species caused by the incident radiation.

Anti Bacteria

Hydroxytyrosol has potent antimicrobial properties against different types of bacteria.

Other Health Benefits of Hydroxytyrosol

  1. Prevention of neuro-degeneration diseases. Several studies suggest that reactive oxygen species (ROS) are involved in the etiology of a number of degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer or Alzheimer’s.
  • Protection against ARMD (age-related macular degeneration). This is a disease related to age and other harmful effects such as smoking, Hydroxytyrosol properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and protection of the pigment epithelium, minimize the appearance and development of this disease.
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). The cardioprotective capacity of Hydroxytyrosol is endorsed by the EFSA with a health claim for its inhibitory activity on the oxidation of LDL lipoproteins, which leads to diseases such as atherosclerosis.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Hydroxytyrosol has been shown to inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory compounds caused by human leukocytes such as leukotrienes.

Why choose Viablife Hydroxytyrosol

Viablife is currently now the only manufacturer in China who can provide commercial scale >99% purity Hydroxytyrosol using it’s leading Biosynthesis and Fermentation technology.

Compared to plant-extracted Hydroxytyrosol, Viablife’s Hydroxytyrosol has no pesticide/ fertilizer residue and has very light color and little odor which is perfect for the application in cosmetic products.

Purity : >99%

Appearance: Light Yellow Viscous Liquid

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